Sensei Brent Roderick

Brent Roderick has been involved in Judo since 2007 when he started attending Bushido Kai. He has competed in all kinds of tournaments, both in and out of state, and recently started practicing and competing in kata as well. He also regularly attends clinics and annual judo camp where he is a counselor. When Brent’s not at the judo club or building custom cabinetry at work he enjoys spending time with his two year old son and wife (whom he met at Bushido Kai). Brent also acted as team captain (Taisho) before being promoted to shodan. He hopes to be an encourager and strong leader as he takes on this new role.



    • USJA Member

    Awards & Recognitions

      Shiai competition highlights

      • 2012 Ocean State International - Gold
      • 2010 Nakabyashi - Gold
      • 2009 Brantford International - Silver
      • 2009 Renshinkan - Gold
      • 2008 Bushido Kai Invitational - Gold

      Kata competition highlights

      • 2012 Nakabyashi - Nage no Kata 1st
      • 2011 Rock and Roll - Nage no Kata 1st, Katame no Kata 1st

      Other competition highlights